7 Reasons To Choose Judo

1. Focus and Attention

In today’s society it’s go, go, go! It’s no wonder kids have a limited attention span!

If you’re kids have trouble focusing their attention then Judo will help!

In fact, some of the best ways to increase the attention span of kids is to:

Make it physical, break down tasks, turn it into a game, have fun, and practice attentive behavior.

These things and more will be practiced regularly to ensure your child has fun, learns, and most importantly, gains the ability to focus their attention on the task at hand!

2. Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is an area we could all use a little improvement in!

Judo will teach your child the art of self-discipline!

Through our structured Judo program your child will learn that in order to be successful on the mat they must be disciplined!

Using the natural consequences of Judo your child will begin to understand that success only comes when the practice of discipline is applied!

3. Confidence and Self-Esteem

It’s a fact that many kids lack the confidence and self-esteem to reach their full potential!

Judo teaches kids confidence because it forces them to problem solve on the mat!

Judo is a tactical sport involving an ever-changing environment, thus requiring you to think on your feet!

One of the best ways to instill confidence and self-esteem in your child is by allowing them to solve problems on their own.

It forces them to be resourceful, and in turn teaches them that they can overcome challenges regardless of how big or small they might be.

4. Bullying

Judo can also be used as a tool to prevent bullying.

Our classes incorporate basic self-defense skills to ensure your child will know how to avoid and prevent violent situations and also what to do when a situation cannot be avoided.

Most importantly we will teach your child to defend themselves against bullies, NOT BECOME one.

5. Respect

Judo like other martial arts, uses a belt system to signify an individual’s rank as well as his or her experience!

Much like other martial arts, respect is taught from day one!

When you step on the mat you are taught to respect the belts ahead of you as they have the experience that a new person does not!

Respect is also reciprocated to new students as it is the responsibility of those holding a higher belt to teach and nurture incoming martial artists.

6. Fitness

Judo requires many aspects of fitness including, strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, speed, and power.

By practicing the art of Judo you’ll simultaneously train all aspects as one leading to an overall improvement in health and performance.

7. New Activities

Trying new activities is essential to overall health as well as performance in other sports.

By performing multiple sports including Judo you may limit the occurrence of overuse injuries that are common to those participating in a single sport!

Trying new activities may also reduce the pressure to perform in a single sport as well as burnout that is sometimes experienced by single sport athletes.

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