The Story of a "Fat" Gym Owner

I recently took a class at Route 250 Health & Performance. In this is loud, weight is getting moved, and shirts are coming off.

So, I’m in class with my shirt off, and one of the other members says to our coach “If you owned a gym, would you be fat?”

“What” I, laughed!

This member had intended for me to hear him and we both had a good laugh.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because it leads into what I think is an unfortunate misconception that our society has about what health and fitness are.

It also got me thinking. Am I fat? Should I be in better shape? I do own a gym after all. Do others feel this way? Do people look at me like some fraud? Am I not delivering the image of health and fitness that I talk so much about?

Thinking about his comment later that night I realized something, the image of health and fitness has been damaged by the media and misconstrued by society!

Who can blame us after all? We are inundated with false information on a regular basis.

I believe this does one of two things…

We either think fitness has to be or will be very easy or extremely hard!

Those who think it will be easy, say I'll do some crunches, cut my carbs, and do that workout I saw on Instagram. I mean that guy was jacked!

Body of my dreams here I come!

The person who thinks it will be hard starts thinking about crazy diets, countless hours in the gym, and the pain they'll end up in!

Neither is true, but they end the same way…

The first group sees some progress, they're not cover model ripped, but they see some change. Still, they're not satisfied? Why don't I see my abs yet, this isn't working.

So the carbs come back, the crunches disappear, and the thought of picking up a dumbbell doesn't seem worth it.

The second person, the one who is thinking about what they’ll have to give up is discouraged from the start. Sadly, this person never tries anything. They're so intimidated by the image of perfection that they continue on their current path.

The result, however, is the same. One is discouraged by lack of results, and the other is afraid to fail. Neither person gets what they want.

This brings me to my point. I'M NOT FAT!

Seriously though, all jokes aside, my point is this. What you see on social media or in a magazine, isn't accurate. It's not the correct definition of health or fitness.

Do I applaud those individuals who achieve that look? You bet, it takes sacrifice and a lot of hard work, and I mean a lot.

Does that have to be your reality?

I don’t know that’s for you to decide…

Does it have to be all or nothing?

I don’t think so!

Is there a gray area?

Of course, there is, but it’s up to you to decide where and how much…

So why am I telling you this?

It's because you need a better definition of health. You need to understand that it’s not about perfection, and most importantly you need to realize it’s not what you see, both in yourself and in others…

So If I’m telling you what you see in the media isn’t healthy then what is?

A quick google search on “What is Health” brought me to an article that defined physical health like this:

Body function working at peak performance, not only due to a lack of disease but regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and adequate rest.

To me, this is the correct definition of health!

I know, quite far from what the media leads us to believe.

I say us because I’m influenced the same way as you. I have Instagram; I watch TV. I know what it feels like to compare yourself to others and get discouraged.

So instead of focusing on what you see let’s change our focus. Let's focus on building small manageable habits. One at a time.

What if instead of looking at the scale to gauge our success we looked at the consistency in which we are doing the things necessary to lose weight, or feel better.

Are you exercising on a regular basis?

How is your nutrition?

Are you sleeping the recommended 7-8 hours per night?

These are the things that better you. These are the things that will lead you to better health. These are the things we should be focusing on.

Before I go, I want to tell you that with some small consistent change in your life you can get healthy, you can look and feel better, you can have more energy, and do more things.

You might not look like a cover model but neither do I, and that's okay!

I’ll leave you with a quote that goes like this:

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything."

Do More. Be More.

The Route 250 Difference

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