Hey Women...Are You Over-Worked and Over-Stressed?

Whether you’re a homemaker, a working professional, a busy mother, an active girlfriend or any of the above and more…

If you’re a woman, you’re asked to do a lot. I mean A LOT!!

Many women spend their time “fighting fires”, knocking out to-do lists, chasing the kids around (and all their sports), trying to make it to work on time and making sure that others are happy. And that’s just the beginning.

Here’s the thing though…

We’ve gotten to know a lot of women at Route 250, and we’ve learned that most of them enjoy — and thrive on — that never-ending list above.

They like rising to the challenge of supporting others and getting stuff done.

That is, until their energy runs out and they realize that they don’t have any left over for themselves. Yikes…not good. Not good at all!

And slowly, after months or years of putting other people first, multi-tasking, and wrangling that epic to-do list:

  • They’re drained mentally and emotionally.

  • The time they used to invest into self-care has disappeared.

  • The clothes that used to fit them feel a little (or a lot) tighter.

  • The sugar and junk food cravings seem much stronger.

  • The exercise classes/workouts are postponed, then canceled.

  • The bathroom mirror and scale are avoided (along with the bed).

  • The stress of yo-yo dieting starts up again.

With putting so much time into caring for others, and juggling all of their responsibilities, women end up neglecting themselves! This is a tough cycle to fall into.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can feel healthy, fit, and good in your own skin.

You can regain control of your schedule and your body.

You can overcome emotional eating and cravings.

You can show love and appreciation to others while still taking care of yourself.

“Oh sure”, you think….

Maybe some women might find this helpful.

But my life is different. My body is different.

That’s exactly what so many other women thought before they started on our proven weight loss program.

They also felt frustrated, lost, and confused, struggling to manage their eating, health, and bodies. They knew that they wanted to feel better, and they were trying hard, but they weren’t sure how to make it all happen.

That was before they started the Precision Nutrition weight loss program.

And here’s how they ended up…after a year of simple, do-able, progressive habits. The difference is astounding. Check out this short video:

Video Credit: Precision Nutrition

At one point, many of these women felt like you do right now. But they discovered…

The kind of change you want IS POSSIBLE.

No matter where you’re starting.

No matter how you’re feeling right now.

No matter how much stuff is on your plate.

It’s possible.

Here’s what women are often wishing for when they start working with Route 250 Health and Performance, and some ways that you can get started for FREE.

Wish #1:

“Help me have a better relationship with food.”

At some point in their lives, many women struggle with overeating and emotional eating. “We love our wine, chocolate, sugar, or whatever our ‘I-deserve-this’ or ‘I-need-a-freaking-break’ treats are”…but they certainly DON’T always love back!

Once the “food rush” wears off, you’re left with the very same stress and problems that you started with — plus now you feel really guilty, ashamed, and maybe even out of control.

The cycle often looks like this.

  • Feel stressed, anxious, upset, etc.

  • Overeat.

  • Feel guilty and ashamed for overeating.

  • Feel more stressed, anxious, upset, etc.

  • Vow to “do better”.

  • White-knuckle a new diet, and/or make rigid “rules”.

  • Feel stressed, anxious, upset, etc.

  • Overeat.

  • Repeat the cycle.

We’ve seen it over and over at Route 250.

Here’s a simple tool that you can start using right away.

We call this exercise “Break the Chain”.

You simply notice, observe, and record what happened leading up to any food cravings, emotional eating, overeating, and/or any other times that feel “out of control” eating pops up.

Here’s the secret.

Those feelings and behaviors didn’t come out of nowhere. They aren’t random. Something led to them.

Now you get to be the detective and figure out all the links in the chain.

1. Start with any recent food or eating-related episode that troubled you (For instance, eating too much, eating foods you didn’t want, feeling out of control, etc.).

2. Write down all of the stuff that was happening around you just before that episode happened.

For instance:

  • Where were you?

  • What were you doing?

  • What were you thinking about?

  • What were you feeling?

  • Who were you with?

3. Now see if you can go back even further. Maybe a few hours. Once again:

  • Where were you?

  • What were you doing?

  • What were you thinking about?

  • What were you feeling?

  • Who were you with?

Try to capture as much detail as possible.

4. Now look at your list. Are there any patterns?

If you don’t see any connections right away, no worries.

Try this exercise a few times, and then start looking for links between what was happening in the days or hours before you had a serious food craving or emotional eating episode.

5. If and when you find patterns, be curious about them.

Don’t worry about fixing them right away. Just notice them.

“Hm, that’s interesting. Every time my mom calls me, afterwards I want to hit the chocolate.”

“You know, I actually feel fine most of the month, but the week before my period hits — watch out.”

“It’s been a long, stressful week at work. GIVE ME THAT WINE before I stab someone.”

6. You might notice solutions right away.

“OK, I’m going to go for a workout after I talk to mom, to get some of that energy out.”

“I’m going to mark my PMS days on the calendar so I know about them in advance.”

“I’m going to walk home on Fridays, to unwind.”

Or you might not notice solutions. You might feel stuck at step #5, noticing the patterns, but not sure how to change.

Either way, that’s Okay.

The important thing is, now you’re aware of what’s happening.

Wish #2:

“Help me be consistent with my diet, exercise, or healthy lifestyle habits.”

[Our Kitchen Rescue Pak can help...more on that later]

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably tried at least some stuff to get and stay in shape.

Here’s what most women have tried before getting results with us:

  • Weight Watchers

  • MyFitnessPal and other Calorie Counters

  • Jenny Craig and Curves

  • Popular diets like Paleo, juice fasts, cleanses, and low-carb

  • Workout books and magazine articles

Of course, these aren’t “bad” options. They end up working for some people. But most women tell us that they have a hard time staying consistent and their is A LOT of debate over some techniques (e.g. Calorie Counting Debunked). They mean well, and work hard, but struggle to stay on track.

In part, this is because other plans don’t account for your life. They don’t offer meaningful, step-by-step change that you can actually do in your real life. You know, the real life with a job and kids and a commute and going to school and all that stuff. The one that actual human people have.

And, in part, most other plans don’t offer support, care, and accountability like coaching does.


Solution #1: Make yourself accountable to a program…that really works in the long-term.

Ideally, you want a program that:

  • Focuses on all of the things that are right with you, and all the strengths and skills you already have.

  • Gives you proven solutions that start to work right away.

  • Has been tested with lots of people (so you know it actually works).

  • You can customize to your lifestyle (so you can stay consistent and do it even when you’re busy).

  • You actually enjoy doing (and isn’t just another chore).

  • Makes you feel positive, hopeful, and supported all the way through.

  • Lasts. Like, for life.

  • And gives you a big goal to shoot for, if you want.

So, how do you know if a certain program will help keep you accountable?

Here’s our recommendations:

  • Having a plan that provides both structure and flexibility;

  • One that offers the ability to customize the plan based on your skill levels, goals, and how much time you have available;

  • One that offers daily reminders to practice whichever nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle habit that you’re currently working on;

  • And one that measures your progress at regular intervals.

That’s what helps our clients achieve the results that they are/were looking for.

Solution #2: Make yourself accountable to a person…who really cares.

As we like to say here at Route 250, nothing worth doing can be done alone.

Social support — whether that’s a friend, a workout partner, your spouse, your kid, your dog, a co-worker who walks with you at lunch, a personal trainer at your local gym, whatever — is crucial.

Don’t try to do this all alone.

Independence is great, but for a project like this, you need a team and a tribe of like-minded people helping and supporting you.

Social support, accountability, and lots of caring coaching is a requirement.

We’re in this business because we want to help you feel, look, and perform better… whatever body or goals you have in mind.

If you want to join our next nutrition coaching program (limited openings), we’d love to help you.

If that’s not a great fit for you, no problem. Just find one or more people who can support you, guide you, help you, and maybe give you the occasional loving “kick in the ass” when you need it (😊).

The important thing is that you make yourself accountable to somebody and get the help that you need. You have a lot on your plate already; why not let someone else help to show you the way?

Want to learn more?

How about starting with a Free Kitchen Rescue Pak from Route 250? In it, you’ll learn:

  1. How to simplify and easily create the perfect, chef approved meal.

  2. The secrets to fast and healthy meal prep so that you always have appetizing, supportive food ready when you need it.

  3. And how to prepare delicious protein shakes that are excellent meal replacements when you’re short on time.

Here’s the link to get your free download:

## Route 250 Kitchen Rescue Pak ##

Or, grab a Free Calorie Counting Debunked Bundle from us. Yep, that's right!

No matter what your personal challenges are, we’re here to support and guide you with whatever health, nutrition and fitness goals that you wish to achieve. All you have to do is take the first step!

Committed to your Health and Nutrition,

Route 250 Health and Performance

PH: 1-330-339-8030

Email: info@route250.com

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