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6 Tips For A Better Deadlift

The deadlift iis a fundamental movement that should be trained by everyone. Whether you want to gain strength, build muscle, burn fat, become a better athlete or just make everyday tasks easier, you should train the deadlift. Believie it or not the current world record for the deadlift is just over 1,100 pounds. Imagine trying to pick up 1.100 pounds from the floor. Yikes! But, the deadlift isn't just for powerlifters who could lift a small car It also has a place in the average persons gym routine. The deadlift gets its name from the starting postion of the weight or bar. Break down its name and you'll see it's LIFTing a DEAD weight from the floor. The deadlift is the name of the exercise b

Benefits Of Route 250 Martial Arts For Your Child

Benefits of Route 250 Martial Arts for your child At Route 250 Health and Performance, we believe that a child’s total well being, both physical and psychological, can be strengthened at the same time. While physical aspects of exercise and Martial Arts training improve your child’s general health, it also improves emotional health and enhances self-esteem and self-confidence. Martial arts can also decrease tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. Here are the top 10 benefits Route 250 Martial Arts programs can do for your child: 1. Self Defense - At Route 250 Martial Arts, our instructors have over 90 years of black belt experience. We have trained numerous National champions and have a

Why Squat?

I’m going to start this article with a simple question. One that creates a lot of debate among exercise professionals, medical professionals, and exercise enthusiasts alike. The question “Who Should Squat?” It was eleven year ago, following my discharge from the military, and I’d packed on a few pounds. I began exercising as a way to drop the weight but honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. I read books and magazines and a lot of them hyped the squat, specifically the back squat as the king of all exercises. So, I followed the advice of Men’s Health, and other fitness magazines and I began squatting. For me that meant walking into the gym, loading the bar with weight I had no business li

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