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Fundamental Tai Chi

Tai Chi, roughly translated from Taijiquan, is a Chinese Martial Art, which is often umbrellaed under the terms Kung Fu and Wushu; but Tai Chi is classified under the Wudang system (Wudang Mountain Range); art forms that focus on the application of force with internal power, as opposed to external power. Although there are a few hundred different forms and styles that have developed over the centuries, Tai Chi is one of the most widely practiced and philosophical of the lot, both for its self-defense applications and health benefits. What started as a martial art has developed over the centuries by emulating the concept of Taiji, which is the Chinese cosmological term for “Supreme Ultimate F

The Story of a "Fat" Gym Owner

I recently took a class at Route 250 Health & Performance. In this is loud, weight is getting moved, and shirts are coming off. So, I’m in class with my shirt off, and one of the other members says to our coach “If you owned a gym, would you be fat?” “What” I, laughed! This member had intended for me to hear him and we both had a good laugh. So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because it leads into what I think is an unfortunate misconception that our society has about what health and fitness are. It also got me thinking. Am I fat? Should I be in better shape? I do own a gym after all. Do others feel this way? Do people look at me like some fraud? Am I not delive

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