Maximize Your Results with Proper Nutrition

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Welcoming all members and non-members to join the Route 250 whole foods movement because better wellness starts with proper nutrition. Do More. Be More.

Why are Route 250 smoothies the most nutritious for you in all of T-County? Well, let's start by taking a look at the following:

  • They are 100% All-Natural

  • No MSG

  • No GMOs

  • No Trans Fats

  • No Added Sugar

  • No Preservatives

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • No Hydrogenated Oils

  • No Synthetic Sweeteners

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • And because they are simply Deeeelicious!!

Ok, I got it, so why should I have a high quality fitness shake specifically when I workout?

In addition to the Route 250 fitness smoothie health benefits noted above, think about what happens when you workout. As you can imagine, and quite simply, you burn calories and your body loses nutrients. These need to be replaced in order for you to recover from the exercise and to repair your body. There are many variables about nutrition that can affect your personal recovery, but the major components of nutrition (macros) are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats. Drinking a shake before, during or after your workout allows you to pinpoint the ratios of the macros that your body is looking for at those specific times. Because the human body absorbs and utilizes the nutrition from a liquid much faster than from a solid (it is digested faster), a Route 250 fitness shake is an ideal vehicle for replacing those macro-nutrients. Our 100% All-Natural smoothies deliver not only the right blend of nutrients that your body genuinely needs, but they taste amazing too. Just ask our members.

And what's up with the 'Timing' of when I eat and drink?


The timing of the foods you eat and drink are just as important as what you eat or drink. This point is never truer than when you are trying to achieve your specific performance and wellness goals. At Route 250 Health and Performance, we want to help you achieve your goals by giving you The Right Shake at The Right Time.

With so many choices, what Route 250 shakes are right for my personal health and fitness goals? Great question from a gym here's the skinny on our fitness shakes and how to decide which one is right for you.

We basically have 5 core series of hand-crafted fitness shakes to choose from including Refuel & Recover Shakes, Lifestyle Shakes, Veggie Fusion Shakes, Meal Replacement Shakes and Kids' Shakes. Let's take a deeper look at each one.

Refuel & Recover Series: These shakes are specifically aimed at replenishing vital nutrients for quicker recovery and to build lean muscle mass. Exercise not only burns sugar in your blood stream, but the glycogen (stored sugar) in your muscles as well. That's right. And you only have approximately 30 minutes post-workout to replace the sugars your body consumed during the workout or you will actually start to deplete your own muscles. This is called a catabolic or "muscle wasting" state. Taking in fast-digesting carbs in a Route 250 Refuel & Recover shake prevents that depletion and keeps your body in an anabolic (muscle saving) state. This is good if you are seeking to build lean muscle mass. Add Protein to repair or grow cells and now you've completed and optimized your workout.

Lifestyle Series: These trim & low-cal shakes have all of the goodness of our other shakes, but are a bit "lighter" as they have lower natural sugar content and lower overall calories. Although calories are not always the enemy in the quest for personal fitness, we understand that sometimes you may want to go a little bit lighter; no problem here at Route 250. Designed for the calorie-conscience, these shakes have all of the nutrients available in our other shakes, just in smaller doses. Maxing out at 300 calories or less, our Lifestyle series shakes are not ideal for post-workout recovery unless you had a very light workout. They are perfect for dieters, seniors, or someone looking for a between-meal snack.

Veggie Fusion Series: These shakes are made of 100% crushed fruit & vegetables and contain 5-9 servings of whole fruits and/or vegetables per 20 oz. beverage. As always, our shakes are free of artificial and synthetic ingredients. That means they are a pure source of carbohydrates and other vital nutrients to serve as a base for Pre-workout fuel, Post-workout recovery or simply as a tasty treat in between meals. Pick your favorite flavor and know that it is a healthy nutritional choice anytime. Go ahead and indulge yourself with no regrets.

Meal Replacement Series: These Route 250 shakes are great as a standalone low-glycemic meal or after a blended workout of more than 60 minutes. The glycemic index (GI Index) is a measure of how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a specific food. For optimum health and sustained energy, your diet should be comprised of 5-7 low-glycemic meals every day consisting of nutrient-dense carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. Our Meal Replacement series shakes are perfect for the 5-7 meal-a-day plan. If you have completed a workout that is longer than 60 minutes or had a solid blend of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, your metabolism will stay "up" for longer, making a Route 250 Meal Replacement shake a perfect solution.


Kids' Series: Guess need good, solid nutrition all day long! Imagine Children's bodies are growing and creating new cells at an incredible rate which requires consistent quality nutrients to support that growth. Because it's critical that every gram of food is nutrient-dense and bursting with all of the healthy macro and micro-nutrients that Mother Nature has to offer, Route 250 shakes are a natural blend of digestion-friendly carbs, proteins, healthy fats and fiber. For breakfast, a lunchtime treat, dinner or a bedtime snack, our delicious and fun kids' shakes take the worry out of nutrition which makes everyone happy.   

So, to wrap things up, we want our customers to know that our hand-crafted fitness shakes are uniquely goal-oriented and that we only use the cleanest, healthiest ingredients in all of our shakes. We genuinely encourage our customers (members and non-members) to adopt healthy lifestyles which we believe begins with proper nutrition through whole foods. The Route 250 Juice and Smoothie Bar provides an energized atmosphere which allows you to connect with other like-minded, health conscious individuals who want to achieve sustainable results. Stop by and check out all of the great changes that we've made and to see what your favorite flavor smoothie is! We'd love to take you on a FREE tour of what is becoming an amazing health and performance complex. Don't miss out on more exclusive announcements soon to be made.....that's right...we have much more in store for our Route 250 community!

Better yet, consider signing up for a commitment level membership and we'll give you a FREE smoothie of your choice plus you'll benefit from a 10% member discount on future purchases. Inquire at Route 250 Health and Performance for details.

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