Medicine Balls

Live Healthy
Live Happy
Live Strong

Making time for yourself can feel hard enough without trying to figure out all this health, fitness and nutrition stuff on your own.


At Route 250, there’s no more guessing what to do, there’s no more feeling frustrated and there’s no more quick-fix diets that disappoint.

Creating a healthy, happy lifestyle does not have to be complicated. Let us simplify this stuff for YOU!

As your coaches, we understand exactly what you need to look and feel your best: proper nutrition to fuel your body and scientifically proven exercise programs to burn fat, get stronger, move better, feel better, and live better!

We know that what you do today impacts how you live tomorrow so as a Route 250 Member, we guarantee you live healthy, happy and strong for life AND have sweaty fun doing it!

If you are ready to transform how you look, feel and live with the number one voted gym 4 years running, you may be the perfect fit for the Route 250 community, and we cannot wait to meet you!