Boost Your Employees' Productivity

Corporate Wellness Program


1. Assemble a team

2. Assess employee needs

3. Set wellness program goals

4. Create a corporate culture of wellness

5. Communicate and educate

6. Share stories and celebrate success

Contact Brian Preston at Route 250 Health and Performance 330-365-9346 for more information on how to implement a successful Corporate Wellness Program and to inquire about our current Corporate Wellness incentives.


Route 250 Health and Performance's Corporate Wellness Program provides a variety of services including:


Attendance Tracking

Lunch & Learn Motivational Talks

Fitness & Nutrition Workshops

Customized Fitness Programs

Fitness Contests

Fitness Assessments

Results Tracking



Stock vending machines with healthy options

Include nutrition articles in the company newsletter

Schedule a healthy foods tasting workshop

Have pamphlets available on healthy eating topics

Start a fresh fruit “snack basket” in the break room

Weight Loss

Form a support group for employees trying to lose weight

Offer on-site fitness and weight management programs

Schedule an education session on diet myths and healthy eating

Subsidize registration costs for weight management programs

Offer individual counseling for employees trying to lose weight

Physical Activity

Promote walking during breaks and other off-time periods

Allow flexible work schedules to encourage exercise

Provide facilities for employees to secure bikes

Support lunchtime walking/running clubs

Promote & support community walks & fitness events

Provide periodic fitness incentive programs to encourage

Subsidize gym memberships for employees

Offer reduced gym membership fees to employees

Smoking Cessation

Create a smoke free workplace

Schedule on-site smoking cessation workshops

Provide pamphlets and information on health effects from
tobacco use

Subsidize the cost of smoking cessation workshops

Reimburse for tobacco replacement products

Health Screenings

Offer periodic blood pressure screenings and follow-ups

Offer Health Risk Assessments to employees

Offer flu shots for employees and family members

Offer periodic screenings for cholesterol, blood sugar, body
composition, etc.

Discount health insurance premiums or reduce co-payments

for employees


Example Fitness Incentive Program

“Holiday 3 lbs. Challenge” – This is a contest that encourages employees not to gain more than 3 lbs. over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. There is a weigh-in the week of Thanksgiving and a final weigh-in right after New Years. If the employee did not gain more than 3 lbs., they receive an incentive, such as, a T-shirt or gift card.

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