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Taste & See Nutrition is a personalized habit-based nutrition program led by real coaches and it's only offered at Route 250 Health & Performance. The program was developed by Maqsood Harrington Precision Nutrition Level-1 Certified Coach and his wife Rachel Precision Nutrition Level-1 Certified Coach. Taste & See Nutrition is a 3-month program and teaches the skills necessary to make healthy living last for life!


Through comprehensive and individualized coaching sessions, you'll receive 12-weeks of personalized 1-on-1 coaching where you'll learn to replace bad habits with good ones, develop healthy habits under the direct supervision of a coach, and learn to stop dieting and start living for good!

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What is up! My name is Maqsood Harrington and I'm the Director of Training at Route 250 Health & Performance. I'm also the co-founder of Taste & See Nutrition Coaching! 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and I'm also a Certified Personal Trainer, level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, and a Certified Functional Movement Specialist. 


I hope you already checked out the video above explaining what Taste & See Nutrition is and how it can help you gain control of your eating. Keep reading to learn a little about me and why I decided to become a nutrition coach. 


My whole life I struggled with my weight and nutrition. Losing and gaining weight was a lifelong battle. Then in 2018, I decided to take my health serious and get my nutrition under control.


During this process I made a life changing discovery.  By applying basic principles and practicing simple nutrition habits, I was able to see a permanent change. I'm proud to say that nearly three years later my weight is under control. Not only have I maintained my weight but I've done it in a way that doesn't feel like dieting. 


After seeing so many others struggle I decided  couldn't watch others endure that pain that I had for so many years. So, I decided to become a nutrition coach, with the goal of bringing joy back to life and eating!

If you'd like more info about the program and my early struggles simply fill out the form below and I'll share with you what it takes to get you where you want to go!

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Harrington and I'm one of the co-founders of Taste & See Nutrition Coaching. I'm also a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and a Level 1&2 Precision Nutrition Coach!

In 2018, I remember being so proud, watching my husband drop over 40 pounds and compete in his first ever bodybuilding show. But, that also got me thinking about the rest of us? In between the two pictures of my husband are your everyday people. Those who can achieve health without ever stepping on a stage.  


I decided I want to help those people  realize that eating healthy isn’t just for the muscle-bound, creatine drinking gym-goers. Healthy eating is for the everyday parent, college student, professional and laborer! Your goals are within reach and I can’t wait to help you realize them!

To help you get started  I'm giving you an easy to use cookbook! It includes 15-meal ideas that you can begin using today. I'll also be emailing you over the next few days to tell you a little more about the program. You'll learn a guaranteed way to lose weight without changing  your diet. You'll also learn about some of my struggles and how I overcame them. Plus I'll share with you some success stories of previous clients. Believe me you won't want to miss it! Simply fill out the form below and let me help you bring the joy back to life and eating!

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