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The Route 250 Difference!


Many things set us apart from our competition, but most noticeably, it's the extensive overall value and superior customer service that we are bringing to our members.

Our broad range of products and services make it possible for our members to fit health and fitness into their busy schedules.


For instance, where else can you drop off your child (check out our new Kids' Zone), hammer out your fitness routine, squeeze in your Tanning time, pick-up your little angel and grab a healthy shake for the road?


Well...you can do it right here at Route 250 Health and Performance in New Philadelphia, OH.

That's right!

Our 100% All-Natural Juice Bar is open for all and the new Kids' Zone with a Rock Climbing Wall is also complete.


So...be the first to experience these unique and unmatched combinations of gym amenities.


The Kids (and parents) LOVE the new rock wall!

Oh...yeah...WE WON'T set off alarms and kick you out of the gym for jumping rope too loud or grunting while trying to break through new personal plateaus either (like some other gyms do - sounds pretty judgmental to us anyway). 

At Route 250....you get access to the largest selection of group fitness classes and strength training equipment in T-County.......Bar None!

Just ask a Route 250 member....

Here at Route 250, we're proud to have the most experienced network of competition-winning trainers in the area and we aim to deliver customized services that genuinely solve our members' unique needs. 

Based on member feedback (yes - we do listen), we are actively investing into building the most complete health and fitness complex in the state of Ohio!

You heard that right....Much More To Come T-County! Don't Miss Out!

Think about it this way, here at Route 250 we offer all of the services available at smaller boutique style gyms but we also give our members the benefit of being able to enjoy all of those different fitness programs under one roof with the added advantages of having access to tanning salon services, child care services, juice bar amenities and so much more.

We're working hard to make sure that our members can get all of their health and fitness needs served right here at Route 250...with a landslide of unique benefits over our competition. 

Give Us a Chance to earn your business and let us demonstrate how we can help you to achieve the health and fitness goals that you've always dreamed about.

Play like a kid again....host some backyard football....go on a 13 mile bike ride....flip into the pool....and so much more.

Let's setup a plan that is customized to YOU! You can do this!!

Several more exciting announcements will soon be made to our members. If you demand More Value in your gym membership, are looking to achieve Sustainable Results, and would like to get some additional insights about the Exciting Things to Come, stop by for a quick tour and Get Your Free 2-Week Trial today. We'd love to show you the Route 250 Difference of Unmatched Value in Health, Fitness and Fun!

Do More. Be More.

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